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Established in 2009


Adivo Property Investments work closely with its clients to Identify, Structure & Execute investment grade Real Estate deals across the United Kingdom, carefully selected after understanding our client individual requirements.

We have a clearly defined strategy of not growing beyond the UK Borders. We believe in providing our clients a personalised service based on our deep knowledge and unfettered access to the market that we specialise in. Our loyalty to our market continues to pay dividends to us and our clients.

Whether it is a £100 million pound office building or a logistics warehouse that you wish to add to your stable yield portfolio or a flat in Central London or Estate in Surrey as part of your Capital Growth and long term family plans – Adivo Property Investment will work with you to find what is right for your needs.

Our clients include a number of institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals. Regardless of who our clients are, our core values remain the same:


Success comes with knowledge, experience and hard work. We believe that good strong research is the backbone of our business.


Your ethics and values matter to both parties. We ensure sure that we give them the priority they deserve


We will make sure that you have all the information you need to make the right decisions about your investment

A to Z

We believe in continuity of relationships. Our oldest clients continue to be our best clients to this day

Our Services

Purchasing a property in the UK is like any other project and requires the involvement of a number of parties that need to work together to provide a seamless service which protects the best interest of the Investor. At Adivo, we have made sure that all the services required are within the capabilities of Adivo itself or one of our long term established partners.

Other than sourcing, structuring and assessing the deal, our role is to ensure that we coordinate all the various parties involved and make sure that everyone is working together seamlessly and sharing the right information with the right people at the right time.

The idea is to make sure that our clients enjoy a seamless and stress free one stop shop service when looking to invest in UK real estate.

Our Portfolio

View a range of commercial and residential property investments carried out for our clients

Abbots House


76,579 sq ft office building in Vanwall Business Park

Holiday Inn Express


A three storey hotel with 102 bedrooms located near Birmingham.

Barclays Bank


A 2,973 sq ft office outlet let to Barclays Bank for a High Street branch

Dashwood House


A 7,206 sq ft purpose built office building on Dashwood Lang Road in Bourne Business Park near London Heathrow.

Newcross Care Home


A 64 bedroom care home in Fallings Park, Wolverhampton.

NCP Car Park


A 24/7 car park with 334 spaces let to NCP in the heart of Cardiff, Wales.

Office & Retail


13,770 of office and retail space let purchased and let to 5 different businesses for 10 year lease.

Office & retail


14,447 of office space purchased and let to the local council for 20 year lease.

Major Retail Outlet


26,457 of retail and storage space purchased and let to major retailed for 25 year lease.

Surrey Home


A state of the art new build 9,404 sq ft seven bedroom family home built on 0.75 acres in Surrey.

Sloane Square


Unmodernised 1,112 sq ft apartment fully renovated by Adivo Homes team & let on behalf of client.



4 five bedroom houses in a row in Chelsea purchased and let.

Georgian Town House, Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury, London

7,247 sq ft Georgian house refurbished and let on behalf of the client.

Suburb House, Hampstead Gardens

Hampstead Garden Suburb, London

2,508 sq ft family home purchased, refurbished and let on behalf of the client.

Georgian Town House, West London

Russell Square, London

1,867 sq ft Georgian town house was purchased and let.

Mayfair Apartment

Mayfair, London

1,756 sq ft residential apartment in a luxury victorian building refurbished and sold on behalf of the client.

Kensington Apartment

Kensington, London

2,200 sq ft residential apartment purchased and let.

Richmond House

Richmond, London

3,432 sq ft residential home purchased and refurbished. 

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