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Whether it is a new lawn you need from scratch or simply a monthly maintenance plan to keep your lawn looking new and fresh, our team is ready to help.

Our experts can help you design your lawns to fit your dreams and then maintain it to the same standard all year round at a fixed monthly cost. We know our clients are often busy individuals or living abroad and hence don’t have the chance to do their own gardening – but with Adivo Homes you can tell us what you want all year round and we deliver exactly that to you.

Our monthly plans mean that you don’t ever have to buy anything again and all equipment and material required to maintain your lawn is within the price plan.


Always on time to ensure you enjoy your home refurbishment


A project Manager allocated to help guide the project


Utilising the best tried & tested techniques and ideation


Enlisiting the expertise of the Adivo Homes Team

Previous Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance

View an example of Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance services carried out by Adivo Homes for our clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely not; We have designed gardens as small as 2 x 5 metres and as large as 3 acres with lots in between. The concept behind a good garden design is to make the most of the space you have available and to ensure that your garden and house sit comfortably together.

Prior to commencing the work our team would advise you of the anticipated length of time that the project would take; with larger projects we would provide you with a works programme. However, factors such as poor weather and additional requests can also lengthen the process.

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