Light Up

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External lighting is used by people for a number of reasons:

To enhance the ambience of the house
To highlight a particular feature in your home or garden
Necessity due to poor street lighting
Insurance company mandated

Whatever your reason, we can make sure that we help you select the right lights for the mood that you want to create. Once selected, placing them correctly and angling them to the right target spots is equally essential to get the most out of your lights.


Always on time to ensure you enjoy your home refurbishment


A project Manager allocated to help guide the project


Utilising the best tried & tested techniques and ideation


Enlisiting the expertise of the Adivo Homes Team

Previous External Lighting Installations

View an example of External Lighting Installations carried out by Adivo Homes for our clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Having the right external lighting creates a pleasing ambiance on decks and patios. It also helps in making the exterior of a home more appealing from the sidewalk. Plus, when it comes to security when you have outdoor lighting, you help keep your home secure.

Lighting fixtures come with several material options such as plastic, aluminium, brass, copper and stainless steel. When choosing the right lighting fixture, it is important to consider the weather patterns in the area, level of humidity, your gardening or landscaping habits and your long-term expectations.

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