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There are a large variety of gates to meet different customer needs. Some customers require them for privacy whilst others insist on it for security or to keep their pets out of harms way. Whatever your reasoning for automated gates, we can design and manufacture bespoke gates to meet your specific needs.

In addition, we offer a range of different methods of automation and numerous access control options (mobile phones, remotes etc) to suit the demands and safety compliance aspects of the particular installation.

What’s important to us is to understand from the onset why you need the gate, where you need the gate and frequency and type of use and we can help design something to meet your exact needs.


Always on time to ensure you enjoy your home refurbishment


A project Manager allocated to help guide the project


Utilising the best tried & tested techniques and ideation


Enlisiting the expertise of the Adivo Homes Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this depends on your driveway’s features. Our team will take into consideration the style of your home, the type of driveway you have and how much privacy or security you desire.

Driveway size – The size of your driveway entrance determines whether your gate should slide or swing. Swinging gates are suitable for average sized driveways, but for larger entrances, sliding gates can be a better option as the swing radius is larger.

Sloped or inclined driveways – Sloped or slightly inclined driveways should be fitted with sliding or rolling gates, this is because when the gates are opening the incline will constrict the swing of the gate.

Style of your home – If you live in a modern or period home, we can match your home’s style and colour to your brand new gate.

If all the required items are available, then the system could be installed in a few days. However, time should be allowed for items such as gates and their auxiliary items to be manufactured and installed and any groundwork to be completed.

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