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Set your music free and listen to what you want from wherever you want. From a soak in a hot bath, to a balmy summer barbecue, let our music follow you.

The systems can offer true multi-source control, hence allowing for simultaneous access and control over a number of streamed audio sources, such as internet radio, stored music files, as well as control and automation over house video and media devices.


Always on time to ensure you enjoy your home refurbishment


A project Manager allocated to help guide the project


Utilising the best tried & tested techniques and ideation


Enlisiting the expertise of the Adivo Homes Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

‘AV’ stands for Audio Visual and is used to refer to Home Cinema systems. In basic terms, a Home Cinema system consists of a source, usually a Media Centre or Blu Ray player, an amplifier, which has processing and amplification for five separate channels (or more) and a speaker package which consists of three speakers for the front and two or more speakers for rear effects and a subwoofer.

A great set of surround sound speakers can make any home theatre system come to life with rich and vibrant sound. However, there’s more to a great set of speakers than just the speakers themselves. Setup, room calibration, amplification, interconnects, speaker wire & related electronics all have their part to play.

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